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Tall Willows is a story set in the small town of Golden Valley, Colorado. High school senior, Ruth Willows has the life and loves of a typical teen but when she finds a school administrator dead in a closet, her life becomes anything but normal. Follow Ruth through college, grad school, and beyond through the mysteries she stumbles into. Heartwarming, suspenseful, and funny, you'll love the world of Tall Willows.

Tall Willows In Numbers


Horses on the Tall Willows Ranch

Joe Willows built Tall Willows, the family ranch in Golden Valley, Colorado, from the ground up. It’s one of the prettiest places on earth.


Seniors Graduating from Golden Valley High

Ruth Willows is graduating this year with 101 of her classmates, including Paloma Torres, who writes the school's blog.


Dead Body in The School's Darkroom

Hector Alvarez asked too many questions and dug too deep into the school's accounts. He had to be silenced.