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PC Feather

It all started with a song . . . I have been blessed. I have lived and traveled from Maine to California. I have had the opportunity to work many many jobs from Actor to ZooKeeper. I never set out to write a book.
One job which truly gives my life purpose is being a mom to my two children. One morning as I sent my little ones off to elementary school, a song came on the radio, I hadn’t heard it in years. It had been one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite groups, and it brought back a flood of memories.

Honestly, most of my memories from Jr. High and High School are not that great. It was an anxiety-filled, uncomfortable, awkward time for me, as I now realize it is for most teens. So to combat the negative memories welling up in me, I started playing the “what if game.” What if things had been different? What if I had made different choices? Three things I got from that game was: one, I do not regret my choices. Two, I wish cell phones have been invented thirty years earlier (they might have eased my social awkwardness). Three, my story of Ruth and Tall Willows.
Tall Willows, Ruth, her family, and friends inundated my brain for weeks before I ever wrote a word. In my mind's eye, I watched the characters move through their stories over and over again, like a movie that wouldn’t shut off. I made a bargain with myself to write ONE chapter. If that went well, I’d try another. Two hundred thousand words later, I had completed my first draft of Tall Willows. That first draft has gone through a lot of edits to get to where it is today. I still have five move books stuck in my brain, waiting to come out and complete the whole story.


In the meantime, I also help care for the horses at Tracy Wagner Training, show horses in dressage, and am a certified equine massage therapist at Feather Touch Equine Massage.
Now that the Tall Willows world is finally available for others to explore, I hope you will love these stories and characters as much as I do.
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