Ken's Journal

June 15, 2020

I’ve been on task. I’ve researched farce, I’ve even read a few: Dario Fo’s The Pope and the Witch, Noises Off, Charlie’s Aunt, even The Comedy of Errors. I took Ellie’s idea for a plot and started “plotting” it out – pun intended – #read too many farces. I came up with some GREAT characters! With great backstories for each! I even made a slide presentation for her so she would know my exact thought process. What does she do? . . . She comes on to me!
I don’t know why I’m so upset. A few years ago I would have done anything to get into her hot little panties. I had a permanent hard on for her from the time I was fourteen till I went to college. Every summer I had to watch her and Kat parade around in bathing suits: her fair skin, that red hair, that little green string bikini. . .
So, at first I was shocked. I mean all those years of wanting her, she was finally showing an interest in me. It was my boyhood dream come true. I was stunned into torpor.


Then I was annoyed. I had worked really hard on her play, and she wasn’t paying attention. I know I had nowhere else I had to be, nothing else I had to do. I didn’t need to hurry off to another appointment. I had plenty of time to enjoy some carnal pleasure before getting back to my presentation. But dammit, I wanted her to focus on what I had to show her.I got her to focus and we finished our work on the play, and she blatantly asks me if I’m going to have sex with her “now.” I just couldn’t. I mean I physically could have, we were in her apartment, I always have a condom in my wallet, but I just couldn’t. It felt so wrong. I felt like I was betraying my sister. (Since my sister and her hubby just announced the impending arrival of their third child – yikes- I don’t think she would care if I slept with her friend.)Then I realized is after all these years of knowing her, I think of Ellie as another sister. For god-sakes, I’ve grown up with her. But she’s not really my sister. . . So what the hell is wrong with me?