Welcome Back, Valley'ers!

June 1, 2020


The halls look oddly bigger when there's no one in them.


Our football team is already back on the field in practice scrimmages.

Hi, Paloma Torres here. Welcome to the new official blog of Golden Valley High School, A Bird’s Eye View! I hope you join me this year for a student’s perspective of what’s happening at our school and in our community. I also hope you all join in the conversation with your comments and ideas.
It’s finally summer! No school, no books … well, you know that old saying. BUT, I was so excited to find out I’d be writing the blog next year I decided to start RIGHT NOW!!! Truth – I really thought I’d get one the senior editor positions, I did not (but congrats to Jenny and Brad – I know you’ll be great editors and we’ll still have a great time working on the paper next year!)
So, let’s get this blog started with some “about me” info.
I’m a senior (woohoo). I’ve lived here in Golden Vally all my life but I’m really lucky to have family in Las Cruces NM and Spain, and I get to visit them often. I’m actually going to Spain later this summer for a family wedding. It should fun, especially if you like heat and humidity – not. 
The other important fact about me is I have wanted to be an investigated reporter since the day in fifth grade when we learned about Watergate. The idea of meeting an anonymous informant in a parking garage seemed nothing short of being a superhero!
I hope you all enjoy my pieces for the next eleven months and I hope you all get involved by leaving your comments and thoughts on our Facebook page (no negative Nancys please!)