Ken's Journal

June 1, 2020

Been looking for a job – well I got two offers today, if you call non-paying work employment.
Ellie called and wanted to meet. I’ve known her since I was three, and this is the first time she’s ever called me let alone wanted to meet. I asked Kat if she knew what was up (being life long best friends and all). She said Ellie had asked her for my number but that was all she knew.
So Ellie is teaching drama at Southern Colorado University, right up her alley, and I met her in her office (closet would be a better description). Anyway, she wants me to help her co-author a play. I’ve never written play, nor has she. She wants to submit it to a fringe festival at the end of this year. Eight months seems like a short time to write a play, but she says a short piece. It can’t run longer than forty-five minutes and that’s no more than ninety written pages. I’m not sure how she knows that.


She says, “Easy peasy right?” – sure easy peasy. She’s got a good grasp on the plot. She wants it to be a farce (I know it’s a comedy genre, but that’s it). Basically there’s A LOT I don’t know about this project, so of course I said yes. It’ll be fun – right? What have I got to lose? I should have stopped at SCU’s library and looked up farce, but I stopped by their barn instead. I wanted to see if Shep was still there – he was, so was Stu. It was really great to see them. I haven’t ridden with Shep since high school. I must have spent every weekend with him for five straight years. I didn’t realize how much I missed shootin’ the breeze with him and Stu till I saw them today. It looks like I’m going to see them regularly come July. Shep is still involved with the annual Kiwanis’ rodeo, and he asked me to ride with his team. He puts together the opening ceremonies, demos, parade. Anything to help out my old mentor. Two projects, no pay, yup – life is good.